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Love Games

In the game of love the rules are meant to be broken...

When millionaire bad boy, Will Thornton, tries to buy computer-geek Kate Kelly’s building out from under her, she refuses to sell. Will might be uber rich, and super successful but she won’t be bullied. Trouble is, she didn’t expect Will to look like one of her fantasy heroes, or to make her heart beat a little too fast. She’s prepared to wait him out, but it'll take every ounce of her self-control to win this game.

With millions of dollars on the line, Will is positive he can make Kate sell. He’s played the game better than anybody and charming is his middle name. Problem is, the snarky, geeky, computer-wiz is nothing like he imagined—impossibly cute and a match for him in every way.

The game is on but can two such radically different people come out winners in the game of seduction?

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Club Smex

Just take that first step...

When Freya finds out that her best friend is a member of Club Smex, an exclusive gentleman’s pleasure club, she is outraged. She loves Zak dearly but the whole idea of the club shocks her. It's so outdated, so old fashioned and she expects better of the man that she has known since she was in knee high socks and pigtails. 

But Zak has had enough of Freya’s judgemental attitude and so he offers her a deal. She has to try it once, if she feels the same way after she has experienced it he’ll give up his membership. Never one to back down from a challenge Freya agrees, but she has no idea that her pleasure buddy will be Zak…or that he’s been waiting for quite some time to finally bind her to him…

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What have you got to lose?

Forced to flee her home town to escape a stalker, Samantha Drake isn’t sure what the future holds. Two months later and she finds herself living in the city, broke, worried and struggling to get by. When she sees a job opening at a local firm she goes for it, knowing that she has nothing to lose.

She didn’t expect to feel anything but gratitude for her new boss.
Her boss did not expect to feel anything for her...

Mitch James knew it was a mistake to take Samantha on, knew that he was going to have trouble keeping his hands off her, but he senses how lost she is, how lonely...and how innocent. Before long he finds himself feeling more for her than he could ever have imagined, only Mitch lives in a dark world, a world full of secrets and painful desires.
 How can Samantha ever become part of that world? More importantly, will she even want to?
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Criminal Seduction

Three thieves, three billionaires, three love stories

Caught in the act of breaking into Sebastian Demetrious’ safe, Penny "the cat" Matthews, thinks her criminal run has finally come to an end. Only she doesn’t expect the choice offered by the super-hot Greek billionaire, a choice which isn’t really a choice at all.

Prison or his bed.

It’s no hardship for Penny to submit to Sebastian’s desires. If a barter is what it takes to win her freedom, so be it. But before long she finds herself thinking about more than just the job, more than just the money. Only she’s a thief and he’s a billionaire…and she’s hiding a secret that might just change everything

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He’s a playboy who thinks all women are his for the taking. She’s a virgin who has no intention of being taken…

When Dominic Rimeria almost runs Rachel ‘the Madonna’ Matthews over, he has no idea that their meeting is far from a chance occurrence. With her blonde hair, blushes, and blue eyes she is his perfect woman made real. Dominic wants her, and what he wants he gets. It is simply a question of when, not if.

Only Rachel is out to get something else entirely from the Italian billionaire, and if making him burn is what it takes then so be it. After all, she has no intention of submitting…but then she didn’t bank on Dominic’s skills in seduction. Before long, Rachel has to guard against more than just her secrets…she has to guard against her heart too.

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 Billionaire media magnate, Andros Casstellini, thinks women are there for one thing, and one thing only. Lyra ‘the man eater’ Matthews tends to think the same about men. But Andros has something she needs, namely cash—and lots of it. So on this occasion Lyra has no choice but to hang around for a while, and one quick tumble isn’t going to cut it, Lyra has to make him burn…

Andros’ desire for Lyra is immediate. The more time he spends with her the more he wants her. But nothing he does will bring her to heel...until Lyra spells it out pure and simple. A mistress she will be, and it is going to cost him.

Before long Andros and Lyra are wrapped up in one another, in a relationship that neither could have expected, but she is brimming with secrets, he won't allow anyone too close, and heartache is just around the corner… In the end it might just end up costing them both more than they could ever have imagined.

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Greek Love

Two best friends and the women they claim as their own...

Fired from the job she so desperately needs, Andy Jones is shocked to find a wallet stuffed full of cash. It belongs to none other than Alexander Ioannou, millionaire extraordinaire, and the man responsible for her firing.

Alexander comes looking for the woman he suspects of misappropriating not only his funds, but his grandmother's ring. He's shocked to find it’s the woman who has been haunting his dreams.

Rather than turn her in, Alexander thinks of more interesting ways for Andy to pay back her debt…

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Also in paperback

On assignment to cover the wedding of millionaire businessman, Alexander Iannou, Cassie Reynolds doesn’t expect to be accosted by his partner, the enigmatic, and devastatingly attractive, George Constantinou. True she may have gatecrashed, and yes her paper might be a gutter rag, but Cassie won’t let little things like that get in the way of a good scoop. If George thinks he can intimidate her he has another thing coming!

George has no problem removing Cassie from the wedding or making sure she leaves town. If he has to take care of those details personally then so be it. The fiery reporter needs some lessons in manners, and it seems that George is just the man to give them to her...

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Also in paperback 

 Office Seduction

An Office romance will never look the same again...

A chance meeting in a bar leads to the most erotic night of Pam's life. Only when she awakes, Gabe is gone, and naturally she doesn't expect to see him again. Until Monday morning that is, when she arrives at the office...and meets her new boss.

For Gabe, one night was never going to be enough. He wants Pam and he intends to have her. Only Pam has no intention of mixing work with pleasure, and it is going to take every skill Gabe has to convince her otherwise. 

Will Pam be able to look past their working relationship, and if she does, will she be able to please her boss?

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She’d been falling in love with him for years, since the moment they first met, and after one night of mind blowing sex Lucy’s mind was made up. She wanted Giles forever...only he didn’t want her back.

Four months later and Lucy’s life is a mess. A string of men, countless parties and a huge screw up at work, leave her with only one place to turn for help. Back to the man who broke her heart. The man she swore to loathe forever.

Will Giles want to help her get back on track, and if he does will he be able to look past her bad girl ways and tame her once and for all?

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The Alpha Collection

These men will always get their own way...

The moment Jude walks into Louise’s life she knows that nothing is ever going to be the same again. He is commanding, domineering, and beyond arrogant, but he is also the most attractive man she has ever met, the only one who has ever made her heart thump and her knees weaken. Which is a problem, because Louise is engaged to be married…

For Jude, Louise’s engagement is nothing more than an obstacle to get around. Never has he desired anyone as much as he desires her, and he will let nothing stand in the way of his seduction. He promises her that in seven days she will be beneath him, with no ring on her finger. She promises him that she will resist. Seven days. Seven chances for seduction. 

Will Louise be able to keep her life from spiraling out of control, or will she lose more than just her ring, will she lose heart too?

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Romance on the Go

Short, sweet and satisfying.

Falling in love doesn't only happen when you're in your twenties or thirties. Sometimes it comes later in life, and when it does it is worth waiting for.

Kathy Reilly is a forty-four year old florist adjusting to an empty nest. Single and lonely, she doesn’t believe love will come her way again. So when she meets Jake Newton, she doesn't expect much of anything, certainly not a night of blazing passion.

For Jake, Kathy is like a breath of fresh air, and she awakens something in him that he hasn't felt before in his fifty years. One night with her will never be enough, and he will do whatever it takes to make her give him a chance.

But can both of them look past their old lives, and their old heart breaks, to take a chance on a romance that neither expected?

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